GM 770

Mobile waste container


Mobile waste containers

The waste containers are made of steel sheet with 1,25 mm thickness for the body and 1,5 mm thickness for the base with additional hot-dip galvanization (in accordance with EN ISO 1461), after the complete welding and integration of all metal parts, in crude zinc consisting of 99,995% pure zinc.


It is shaped as a frustum of a pyramid for easy disposal of waste, with additional reinforcement at the front corners and up to three suspension systems for their lifting and tilting from compactor vehicles and container washers(DIN type, comb lift type, Ochsner bar type) and sufficient number of handles for comfortable handling of the container.


Heavy duty, independent, auto-dirigible with metal rim and solid rubber casing for silent rolling of the container 200mm diameter and load durability at least 205kg each. They bear foot brake on the two front wheels for easy immobilization of the container. Suitable for Municipalities.



Product code

GM 770


770 L


85 kg

Steel thickness

  • Body: 1,25 mm or 1,5 mm
  • Base: 1,5 mm or 2 mm


Hot-dip galvanized

Nominal load capacity

308 kg

Shipping information

110 pc/*168 pc120 pc/*180 pc100 pc/*138 pc



Consists of:

  • Main body with a volume of 770 L
  • Wheels
    • Two with brake
    • Two without brake
  • Lid (Options)


During our continuous efforts to improve our products, their features and characteristics are subject to change without notice.



Hot-dip galvanized
RAL 5015
(Paper recycling bin)
RAL 6004
(Bio-waste bin)

You can choose one of the above popular combinations or choose your own with RAL colors of your choice.

Lids for 770/660 L

Lid for Wheelie Litter Bin 770/660 L - Roto


  • Roto double-wall
  • Height 87mm
  • Two front handles
Lid for Wheelie Litter Bin 1100 L - Injection


  • Injection single-wall
  • Height 85mm
  • Two front handles
  • Available Triangular Lock
Lid for Wheelie Litter Bin 770/660 L - Metal


  • Metal
  • Height 40mm
  • One front handle
  • With special ribs to prevent snow and rainwater retention
  • Available Triangular Lock
Lid for Wheelie Litter Bin 770/660 L - Mid-Cover


  • Roto double-wall
  • Height 162mm
  • Front rounded litter aperture
  • With flap or circular litter apertures
  • Available Triangular Lock for the lid and the flap

Personalization options

  • Tougher construction
  • Lifting options
  • Handles
  • Additional handles
  • Foot pedal
  • Soft closing
  • Direction lock system
  • Towing kit

Ownership info

Sticker with ownership details


  • Certificate of quality management system, ISO 9001:2015.
  • Certificate of environmental management system, ISO 14001:2015.
  • Certificate of occupational health and safety management system, ISO 45001:2007.
  • Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity and 2000/14/EC marking.
  • Compliance to standards and specifications according to EN 840-2:2020, EN 840-5:2020 and EN 840-6:2020.
  • Certificate of welding operations management system, EN ISO 3834-4:2005.
  • Qualified welders certificate, EN ISO 9606-1:2017
  • Wheel performance requirements according to EN 840-5:2020.
  • The volume verification is done according to EN 840-5:2020.
  • Quality adhesion coating and coating thickness Zn(Zinc) according to EN ISO 1461:2009.

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