Customization options for metal waste containers 1100/770/660 L

Tougher construction

The container can be made using steel sheets with 1,5 mm thickness for the body and 2 mm thickness for the base, increasing its strength by 33%.

Lifting options

Every container can be equipped with up to 3 lifting systems for their lifting and tilting from compactor vehicles and container washers.

Comb lift type

DIN type with trunnions

Ochsner type


Every container is equipped with 6 handles. The 4 laterals are type A or B based on client choice while the lid hinges act as the 2 rear handles. The handles can be welded or bolted.

Type Α

Type Β

Additional handles

The container can be equipped with additional handles in any sides of your choice.

* In case of additional handles in the front side, the comb lift will be replaced by a standard frame.

Standard handles

Additional lateral handles

Additional frontal handles

Additional rear handles

Foot pedal

The foot pedal is one of the most commonly requested features on waste containers of all kinds and it allows anyone to prop the lid open by simply pressing on the pedal without hand interference.

Soft closing

The “Soft closing” features an air damper that helps the lid to close smoothly even if someone suddenly releases their foot from the foot pedal. This system eliminates any impact noises caused by sudden closing of container lids.

* Can only be installed on waste containers with foot pedal.

Direction lock system

The “Direction Lock System” is installed on the two rear wheels (route guides) for easier directional control and handling of the container.

Towing kit

The “Towing Kit“ is a set of male-female towing connectors installed on the sides of the waste containers which allows you to haul multiple containers at the same time by connecting them together.

* Includes two wheels with “Direction Lock System”.

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