Collecting and Sorting System for Recyclable Materials GMB 1100 / 770 / 660 for Green Spots

Collecting and Sorting System for Green Spots

Product code

  • GMB 1100
  • GMB 770
  • GMB 660


  • 1100 L
  • 770 L
  • 660 L

Nominal load capacity

  • 440 kg
  • 308 kg
  • 264 kg


Powder coating in any RAL color choice of the customer with anti-graffiti properties.

Steel thickness

  • Body: 1,5 mm
  • Structural frame: 5mm

Technical drawings

Green Spot

The Green Spot is the new way of storing, assorting and protecting the collected recyclable materials, as well as informing and urging the public about recycling and sorting at source.

Our company has invested in high quality constructions and offers solutions with many options for their adaptation according to the intended installation space and the different recycling waste streams that should be stored in Green Spots. Besides the excellent quality construction and function, we also focus heavily on the aesthetics. As a result, there is the option for pictures to be used in order for the surface of the collectors to be adapted to any environment like spots of tourist or archeological interest or busy spots (like squares, marketplaces, shopping centers etc.).

Made by durable galvanized steel and is available in a variety of colors.


  • • Steel sheets - 1,5 mm thick hot dip galvanized steel sheets offer excellent corrosion resistance and rust protection
  • • Structural frame - 5 mm thick hot dip galvanized frame offers excellent corrosion resistance and rust protection.
  • • With sloped three-sided roof preventing rain, snow, debris or other objects from being retained


  • • The "Slam" door locks automatically when closed with force
  • • 3x Stainless steel heavy duty M12 hinges
  • • Stainless steel lock SS316, with auto-lock, installed with durable screws and triangle key.


The ground-mounting is done using adjustable supporting legs for easier raising.
  • • Heavy duty M16
  • • Can be raised up to 150 mm higher each for levelling of the body

Aperture options

General wasteSlotCircularCombo
Wide aperture for collection of general waste.Thin "Slot" type aperture for the collection of paper/cardboard.Aperture with two circular openings for the collection of aluminum cans and bottles.Combination of "Slot" and "Circular" apertures for the collection of mixed recyclables.
60cm x 30cm 60cm x 6cm Ø 15cm(x2) 60cm x 15cm
Option to install rubber flap to prevent animals from entering the unit.

Color options

Black Silver Grey Dark Blue Dark Green RAL color choice of the client

Artwork options (Standard)

Choose from different apertures and waste stream stickers in order to provide information about the materials that can go into each collector.

Photo options (Full)

There can also be placed a photo of an environment or a city in combination with the waste stream artwork like in the picture below for the creation of a mixed recycling spot.

Customization options for the Collecting and Sorting System for Recyclable Materials

  • • Internal, automatic fire extinguishing system.


  • • Certificate of quality management system, ISO 9001:2015.
  • • Certificate of environmental management system, ISO 14001:2015.
  • • Certificate of occupational health and safety management system, BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Inner metal waste container:
    • • Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity and 2000/14/EC marking.
    • • Compliance to standards and specifications according to EN 840-2:2020, EN 840-5:2020 and EN 840-6:2020.
    • • Certificate of welding operations management system, EN ISO 3834-4:2005.
    • • Qualified welders certificate, EN ISO 9606-1:2017
    • • Wheel performance requirements according to EN 840-5:2020.
    • • The volume verification is done according to EN 840-5:2020.
    • • Quality adhesion coating and coating thickness Zn(Zinc) according to EN ISO 1461:2009.

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