Metal Waste Container (Mesh) GMN 1100

Metal Waste Container 1100 L

Product code

GMN 1100


1100 L

Nominal load capacity

440 kg


Hot-dip galvanized


95 kg

Steel thickness

  • Body: 1,25 mm or 1,5 mm
  • Base: 1,5 mm or 2 mm

Shipping information

95 pc/*144 pc 100 pc/*156 pc 80 pc/*126 pc

Technical drawings

Lids for 1100 L containers

All lids are available in the full range of RAL colors.
  • Standard

    Roto-molded double wall
    Curved, 160mm tall
    Two frontal handles
  • Standard (Reinforced)

    Roto-molded double wall
    Curved, 176mm tall
    Three frontal handles
    Reinforced ribs
    Triangle Lock available
  • Injection

    Injection-molded single wall
    Slightly curved, 135mm tall
    One frontal handle, two lateral
    Triangle Lock available
  • Split-Lid

    Injection-molded single wall
    Curved, 169mm tall
    Two lateral handles, one on the lightweight folding compartment for easier disposal of litter by people with disabilities
    Triangle Lock available
  • Lid-in-Lid

    Roto-molded double wall
    Curved, 178mm tall
    Two frontal handles
    Top facing circular aperture Ø56 cm with flap
    Triangle Lock available
  • Metal

    Metal with 0,8mm thickness
    Flat, 40mm tall
    One frontal handle
    With special curvature preventing the accumulation of rainwater and snow
    Triangle Lock available
  • Hood (Reinforced)

    Roto-molded double wall
    Hooded, 301mm tall
    Two frontal handles
    Front facing rounded aperture 65x20 cm
    Rubber flap available
    Triangle Lock available
  • Hood (Low profile)

    Roto-molded double wall
    Hooded, 188mm tall
    Front facing rectangular aperture 65x13 cm
    Rubber flap available
    Triangle Lock available
  • Hood (Reverse)

    Roto-molded double wall
    Hooded, 238mm tall
    Rear facing rectangular aperture 65x13 cm
    Best for waste containers on city sidewalks
    Rubber flap available
    Triangle Lock available
  • Hood (Injection)

    Injection-molded single wall
    Hooded, 301mm tall
    One frontal handle, two lateral
    Front facing rectangular aperture 30x15 cm
    Triangle Lock available
  • Mid-Cover

    Roto-molded double wall
    Curved, 164mm tall
    Front facing rectangular aperture 50x15 cm
    With plastic flap or circular brush slots
    Triangle lock available for the lid and the flap

Metal waste containers

The waste containers are made of steel sheet with 1,25 mm thickness for the body and 1,5 mm thickness for the base with additional hot-dip galvanization (in accordance with EN ISO 1461), after the complete welding and integration of all metal parts, in crude zinc consisting of 99,995% pure zinc.


It is shaped as a frustum of a pyramid for easy disposal of waste, with additional reinforcement at the front corners and up to three suspension systems for their lifting and tilting from compactor vehicles and container washers(DIN type, comb lift type, Ochsner bar type) and sufficient number of handles for comfortable handling of the container.


Είναι βαρέως τύπου ανεξάρτητοι αυτοπηδαλιοχούμενοι, με μεταλλική ζάντα και με συμπαγές ελαστικό περίβλημα για την αθόρυβη κύλιση του κάδου, διαμέτρου 200 χιλιοστών, και αντοχής φορτίου τουλάχιστον 205 κιλών ο κάθε ένας. Φέρουν ποδόφρενο στους δυο μπροστινούς τροχούς για την εύκολη ακινητοποίηση του κάδου.

Customization options for 1100/770/660 L metal waste containers

  • Tougher construction
  • Lifting options
  • Handles
  • Additional handles
  • Foot pedal
  • Soft closing
  • Direction lock system
  • Towing kit


  • • Certificate of quality management system, ISO 9001:2015.
  • • Certificate of environmental management system, ISO 14001:2015.
  • • Certificate of occupational health and safety management system, BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • • Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity and 2000/14/EC marking.
  • • Compliance to standards and specifications according to EN 840-2:2012, EN 840-5:2012 and EN 840-6:2012.
  • • Certificate of welding operations management system, EN ISO 3834-4:2005.
  • • Qualified welders certificate, EN ISO 9606-1:2017
  • • Wheel performance requirements according to EN 840-5:2012.
  • • The volume verification is done according to EN 840-5:2012.
  • • Quality adhesion coating and coating thickness Zn(Zinc) according to EN ISO 1461:2009.

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